Minion Birthday Party Invitations : the Cute Concept of Banana!

Minion is tge cute character to be used as your birthday party theme. However, it is not good if you try to use it for your birthday if you think you are already mature. You can have it for your children and do not forget about the ‘banana’ concept in it. Minion birthday party invitations are cute and full of yellow. If you want to make it by yourself, you can do it simply!
You can try this simple minion birthday party invitations. For a unique twist make your own invitation: Cutout MinionMinion Birthday Party Invitations

• Make a minion from yellow construction paper or card stock.
• Cut out white circles for the eyes.
• Draw on goggles and faces with black marker.
• Glue on “goggly eyes.”
• Cut out blue overalls and glue on Minion.
• Write party details on the back.
Despicable Me Balloon Invite
• Purchase yellow latex balloons in medium size.
• Blow up each balloon.
• Using a black sharpie marker, draw minion goggles and faces and write out the party details.
• Allow to dry then un-inflate the balloon.
• Place balloon in an envelope with a note instructing guests: “Gru says, I’m afraid your invitation met my shrink ray. Blow up this balloon and join my Minions”
• Order a personalized Minion Banner to celebrate the occasion.
• Some additional themes from the movie are unicorns, moons, ballet, kittens and fun weapons.
• Make large cut-outs of minions, unicorns and kittens and attach to doors and walls.
• A Despicable Me Pinata filled with favors and candy doubles as an activity and a decoration.
• Yellow and blue jelly beans in glass vases make a sweet addition of color to the room.
• Stick 1 yellow and 1 blue paper fan together to make it more minion like.

What are you waiting for? You canfeel the great sense get all of the materials you need online. You can get the best price in it. Minion birthday party invitations are the great one for you because it helps you to get the sensation of being child. Your children are also will love everything you made for them because minion is the popular character so far.


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