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Baby Shower Party Favors Ideas : What About You?

Thinking up new baby shower favor ideas can be tricky. Often guests attend so many baby showers that the showers begin to run together in their minds. While there is much more to a baby shower than simply the favors, unique baby shower party favors ideas can make the difference between just another shower and a truly individualized party. Therefore, it is worth the trouble to find unusual flavors. Presented here are nine new ideas that you may not have thought of.

Baby Shower Party Favors
One of the most unusual baby shower party favors ideas to come along recently is the bird’s nest favor. These cute favors are actually small open containers that are fashioned from twigs or other small pieces of wood. You can fill the containers with any small favor item such as candy or soaps. A particularly nice touch is to arrange Jordan almonds or small candy eggs as a top layer, to finish off the bird’s nest effect. These favors are quite useful, as your guests will be able to re-use them as decorative items in their homes. Bird’s nest favors can be ordered online, but if you are reasonably crafty you can fashion your own. Purchase materials at any craft store. Continue reading “Baby Shower Party Favors Ideas : What About You?”