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DIY Backyard Wedding: What do You Think about It?

You can make everything by yourself, including to decorate your wedding venue. You can do it at home an all you need to do is having the DIY Backyard Wedding. To get the detail of the way to do it, you can get the guideline for it. First, consider your home. If you host the party yourself, you won’t have to pay rental fees. However, there are circumstances where this simply won’t work. I live in Pennsylvania, and my friend, for whom I threw the shower, lives in Michigan. However, my in-laws live in the Michigan town where we grew up, and generously allowed me to borrow their home for a few hours. If you find someone willing to share their home, you might decide to give an inexpensive “thank you” present, such as a bottle of wine. DIY backyard wedding can be one of many perfect choices for your wedding.
DIY Backyard Wedding
You’ll most likely have to shell out some money if no homes are available, but the shower doesn’t have to be at a fancy restaurant or hotel ballroom. Think outside of the norm and compare prices. Here are a few atypical venues to check out: Continue reading “DIY Backyard Wedding: What do You Think about It?”